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Parenting Children and finances are top concerns, which can be a source of anxiety and even fear. A customized settlement takes into consideration every detail, to provide for needs now and in the future.

Pamela S. Freeman | Freeman & Freeman, Attorneys At Law

At Freeman & Freeman it is Pamela Freeman's goal to help you find better ways to divorce and resolve family conflict. With greater choices of what processes to use and flexible choices for services and over twenty-five years of experience in divorce and family law, Pamela can help make a challenging time smoother and easier for you and your family.

Pamela Freeman

Pamela Freeman

Attorney | Mediator | Collaborative Lawyer

Focus: Collaborative Divorce, Divorce and Family Mediation, Settlement Counsel

Preeminent Women Lawyers

Pam has been selected for inclusion in the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 edition of the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers*

Less than 5% of women lawyers have been recognized with an AV Preeminent Rating [putting Pam] among the elite women in the legal industry.

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  • Divorce is Genetic October 20, 2017
    From PsyPost: Children of divorced parents are more likely to get divorced when compared to those who grew up in two-parent families — and genetic factors are the primary explanation, according to a new study by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth...
  • Single Moms in Iceland October 19, 2017
    From CNN: "What would a society look like without marriage?" The question popped into my brain after I stumbled across a list of countries with the most unwed mothers. With 40% of its babies born out of wedlock, America sits...
  • Marriage as Mark of Privilege October 18, 2017
    From the New York Times: Marriage, which used to be the default way to form a family in the United States, regardless of income or education, has become yet another part of American life reserved for those who are most...
  • We Expect Too Much From Marriage October 17, 2017
    From the Atlantic: Tall, dark, handsome, funny, kind, great with kids, six-figure salary, a harsh but fair critic of my creative output ... the list of things people want from their spouses and partners has grown substantially in recent decades....
  • Modern Arranged Marriage in the U.S. October 16, 2017
    From New York Times: Shankar Prasad wasn’t supposed to want this. He was born in the United States, the third of four brothers from a family who immigrated to this country from India in 1975. He grew up in New...